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Karla's Plea-Bargain

The Politics behind the Karla Homolka Plea-Bargain ... and what a bargain it was

The New Democratic Party (NDP), the party considered to be the "leftist" of the 3 parties of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada, won an unexpected victory in the 1990 provincial election.

Marion Boyd was appointed Minister Responsible for Women's Issues on September 11, 1991, and launched a high-profile campaign that same year against domestic abuse committed only against females.

Boyd was promoted to the position of Attorney General of Ontario on February 3, 1993, the first woman to hold that position as well as the first non-lawyer.

In this capacity, she was responsible for the controversial bill recognizing benefits to same-sex couples, which ultimately failed on a free vote when twelve NDP members voted with the opposition parties against the bill. The bill's failure was a personal disappointment for Boyd, who had invested considerable effort into promoting its passage.

Boyd also approved a highly controversial plea-bargain deal that allowed serial killer Karla Homolka to receive a relatively light prison sentence in return for testimony which led to the conviction of Homolka's then-husband, Paul Bernardo. This deal was criticized in much of the Canadian media, and many questioned Boyd's judgement in the matter.

The plea-bargain was dependent on Karla Homolka's innocence with regards to her direct involvement in any of the murders. Video tapes which were later discovered, made available by Paul Bernardo's lawyers and used at trial showed that Karla directly assisted with the killing of her sister Tammy. No action was taken by the Attorney General to vacate the plea-bargain.

One particularly controversial aspect of Homolka's plea-bargain was the Crown's belief that she was a "compliant victim," the justification of which came largely from the American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) document titled Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist which only addressed the issue of female victims and not male victims.

It is the opinion of this writer that the ideology of female supremacy and feminism pervaded in the governing New Democratic Party and its female Attorney-General Marion Boyd protected Karla Homolka.

A different provincial party may not have been so ideologically predisposed to accept Karla as a victim and would likely have challenged the plea agreement upon discovery of the video tape  evidence showing Karla Homolka's direct involvement in the death of her sister, Tammy and her role in the other murders.

Some federal politicians attempted to reopen the plea agreement, and throw Read More ..ght on Ms. Boyd's personal involvement, during Bill S-3, a proposed bill on plea bargaining.

During this same time period, the Government of Canada paid for the "Panel on Violence Against Women", a group made up of females mainly from the female domestic violence industry which included a number of female supremacists. The definitions of "violence" they defined were so broad as to be absurd. Their definition of  "violence" only applied against females and not against males.

The panel ignored male victims of domestic violence as well as elder abuse, and child abuse. Health Canada, the federal agency responsible for the health of all Canadians has since added the overall category of  "family violence" and the sub-category of spousal abuse.

Today, all federal prisons in Canada have mandatory " Women's Studies" courses for inmates.

Even  a female cop killer and "Canada's worst child abuser" and child killer get "a day at the spa" with pedicures and such to "improve their self-esteem". Inmates, including child murderer Marcia Dooley and cop killer Mary Taylor, were among those who received manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy treatment and a harp serenade over tea on fine china. If you don't believe it, read the following article from the Toronto Sun newspaper.

Toronto Sun

Jail Inmate - a day at the spa for one of Canada's "worst child abusers" and child killer, Marcia Dooley.

Toronto Police chief complains to Canada's Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan.  At Canadian women's jails, feminists think female killers need help with their self esteem so they get free spa treatment. Read More ..

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