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Parental Alienation in family law cases - One American high profile case

Read the story in the American magazine Newsweek and then read the information provided by the court office

Newsweek wrote:

"It took six years for Genia Shockome to gather the courage to leave her husband, Tim. He pushed her, kicked her and insulted her almost from the moment they married in 1994, she says. She tried to start over with their children when the family moved from Texas to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. It didn't last long. Tim called her constantly at work and, after they split up, pounded on her door and screamed obscenities, she alleged in a complaint filed in 2001. Tim was charged with harassment. As part of a plea deal, Tim agreed to a stay-away order--but denies ever abusing her or the children. In custody hearings over the past six years, Tim has insisted that he's been a good father, and argued that Genia's allegations poisoned their children against him. The judge sided with Tim. This summer he was granted full custody of the kids, now 11 and 9. Genia was barred from contacting them."

Tim O'Brien, a reader of American masculist, well known author and radio talk show host Glenn Sacks (new window), has examined the court transcripts of the Genia Shockome case and wrote me the following:

"There's much Read More .. Genia Shockome's story than a simple case of a battered woman victimized again with the state acting as the abuser's accomplice.

"The story of Genia Shockome first broke during May of 2005, when Judge Damian Amodeo of Dutchess County, New York, ordered her jailed for contempt while seven months pregnant -- on Mother's Day no less. The case sparked a firestorm on the internet and in the blogosphere, with petitions to have her freed, and withering criticism of Judge Amodeo.

"But then a funny thing happened. Someone on the staff of the Dutchess County Family Court sent, as a response to all email inquiries regarding the case, two very important PDF files. The first was a court history of the case, outlining in brief the background of this tragic family story. The second was a transcript of the hearing which resulted in her brief imprisonment.

"Some of the Read More ..portant points contained in the documents include:

1) The allegations of abuse against Genia's ex-husband, Timothy, were never once substantiated.

2) The abuse allegations coincided perfectly with every custody hearing.

3) Genia was caught--on videotape--at a supervised visitation center coaching her children to make remarks against their father.

4) During the hearing resulting in her contempt charge and jailing, she was warned over 15 times to stop interrupting the judge.

5) Despite a position with IBM, paying $80,000 per year, Genia refused to pay her child support.

6) A court appointed psychologist characterized Genia as highly controlling, and said the biggest hurdle to an amicable custody arrangement was this fact.

7) Her previous attorney had quit the case because she was too volatile and unpredictable.

A Mother's Heartbreaking Story of Parental Alienation Syndrome

A Kidnapped Mind

A Kidnapped Mind

What does Parental Alienation Syndrome mean? In my case, it meant losing a child. When Dash was 4 1/2 years old his father and I broke up. I dealt with the death of our marriage and moved on but Peter stayed angry, eventually turning it toward his own house, teaching our son, day by day, bit by bit, to reject me. Parental Alienation Syndrome typically means one parent's pathological hatred, the other's passivity and a child used as a weapon of war. When Dash's wonderful raw materials were taken and shaken and melted down, he was recast as a foot soldier in a war against me.  Read More ..