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Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

Teacher gets six months

The Standard-Freeholder, Cornwall, ON, By DAVID NESSETH, October 30, 2008

Jennifer Toews - Convicted sex offender
Former Ingleside teacher Jennifer Dorland was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday for a sexual relationship with a male student in 2004.

Dorland is in her early 40s; the boy - whose identity is protected by a publication ban - was 13 at the time of the incident at Dorland's Ingleside home.

Dorland, who is now known as Jennifer Toews, was found guilty of sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching on Dec. 20, 2007.

"She's paid a heavy price already," said a friend of Dorland, who attended the hearing, but asked not to be named. "She's lost her job, her prestige, and her standing in the community."

The older gentleman consoled a group of women who wept at the judge's decision.

"It seemed promising when the judge first started speaking, but then came the legal points," he added.

Crown Jennifer Burke had asked Justice Julianne Parfett that Dorland serve a 15-month sentence as a general deterrent and denunciation of this type of breach of trust.

Dorland's lawyers said she deserved a 12 to 18 month conditional sentence, most of which should be served under house arrest.

Earlier in the trial, the teen testified that Dorland drove him to her Ingleside home one morning in September 2004, where for two hours they kissed and fondled each other. He also testified of further sexual contact with Dorland in her car and during and after a series of tutoring sessions around the same period.

Parfett had previously questioned Dorland's credibility and pointed to several "troubling aspects" in her evidence, includingaseriesof e-mails she sent the teen.

In May, the Ontario College of Teachers withdrew the teaching licence of Jennifer Dorland, after finding her guilty of eight counts of professional misconduct under the Ontario College of Teachers Act.

Dorland is also subject to two years probation after her jail term and must submit a DNA sample so her name can be added to the sex offender registry.

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The Men's Project

The Men's Project
"Men of Courage"

1st Ontario Provincial Conference on Male Sexual Victimizations.

It was held March 17-18, 2008

Sheraton Centre Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Men's Project, an Ottawa / Cornwall registered charitable service provider with the assistance of a grant from the Ministry of the Attorney General, hosted this conference.

About The Men's Project
From what was initially a volunteer run initiative, The Men's Project has grown to become one of Canada's leading counselling and educational agencies for men and their families, and in particular for all male survivors of sexual abuse committed by males and females.

The Men's Project  has witnessed incredible expansion of their funded services, their fee-for-service programs, and their training and consultation services. 

Their mandate is  "helping men and their families build better lives".  Read More ..